Have you ever wanted to attend an in-person food photography workshop, but were held back by the travel, cost, or time away from home? Well, we've got something for you!



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Hi there! We're Eva Kosmas Flores and Bea Lubas, a couple of passionate food photographers and workshop hosts. This past spring we were slated to host our annual photography workshop together in Croatia, but cancelled it for obvious reasons.

As avid teachers who look forward to being able to nerd-out about photography and styling with our students, it broke our hearts to miss out on that sense of community, learning, and teaching.

So we asked ourselves “how can we bring the experience + knowledge gained from an in-person workshop to an online gathering?”

And after months of shooting, editing, and writing, we’ve created this incredible virtual workshop that pulls back the illustrious workshop curtain, takes you through our creative process from the comfort and safety of home, all while creating a community to share in your experience! 





"I'm so glad I joined Eva and Bea's virtual workshop!!! This is by far the best food photography learning experience I ever had. I learned so much and I feel my photography got so much better and still getting better every day due to the valuable information I gained from the work shop. I love how I got to "shadow" both Bea and Eva in a real shoots where I learned sooo much. I love the approachable and easy to use format of the course. Most of all nothing compares to the thoughtfulness and willingness to answer every question I had. This work shop truly kicks ass!!! "

Have your voice heard at our weekly round table discussions!


One of the most valuable parts of any in-person workshop is getting to hear the experiences of other food photographers, bloggers, and stylists. We believe that everyone has something to bring to the table. Every week Bea and I will lead a themed round table discussion, focusing on the subjects outlined below!


February 1st at 9:30 am Pacific Time

Daily Routines + Systems + Content Planning


February 12th at 9:30 am Pacific Time

Styling Techniques + Storytelling


February 15th at 9:30 am Pacific Time

Inspiration + Creative Spark


February 26th at 9:30 am Pacific Time

Working with Clients + the Business Side of Photography

The discussions will take place via zoom, and the two of us will kick things off with our advice + experiences on the subject, and we’ll then open up the floor for everyone to share their experience with it, ask us any questions, or contribute their thoughts, and connect!

We will be doing this through zoom with the ‘hand-raising’ format (we’ll share detailed instructions on it when you join, don’t worry!) to keep things structured and make sure we’re not talking over each other :)

And if you’re in a different timezone and can’t make the live discussions, do not fret! We have a submission form in the course for you to submit any thoughts, questions, or experiences relative to the topic, and all the round tables will be recorded and uploaded to the workshop so you can watch (or re-watch!) them at your leisure, pause them, and take notes if you’d like!


Hours of Content, Detailed Guides, and Hands-On Discussions, including:


  • A 2-hour Behind the Scenes video of Bea’s indoor shoot, from start to finish

  • A 1.5-hour Behind the Scenes video of Eva’s outdoor shoot, from start to finish

  • 8 Videos taking you through Bea and Eva’s most challenging images, and how they worked with the difficulties they encountered in the creative process, totaling 1 hour of additional content

  • 3 Videos of Bea’s editing process within Adobe Lightroom Classic, focusing on different images from her Behind the Scenes shoot with you

  • BONUS 2 Videos of Eva’s editing process for action-based photos within Adobe Lightroom Classic and Photoshop

  • Written transcripts of every video, so you have clarity if English is your second language or you're hearing impaired

  • 30+ Page Exercise Guidebook that takes you step by step through applying the techniques and strategies Bea and Eva show you in their behind-the-scenes videos to your own creative process

  • Audio files of every tutorial video, so you can go through the course in whatever method works best for you.

  • Mp4 files of every tutorial video, available for download 14 days after the workshop begins

  • 4x Weekly Round Table Discussions, where you can have your questions answered, share your experiences, and connect with like-minded creatives (details on this below!)

  • Plus even more BONUS content (woohoo!) including a Resource Guide with Eva and Bea's favorite equipment and prop sources,  exclusive access to our private Workshop Facebook group, a Pay-In-Full Bonus of 10 Lightroom Presets created by Bea and myself, and a surprise bonus waiting for you inside the workshop!





"Eva and Bea did a really great job with this virtual workshop. I’m not quite a beginner in food photography, but I’m far from mastering the lighting, the focus, the depth of field and not to mention the business side of this field. In the round table discussions, these ladies came with so many examples and such thorough instructions, balancing all the important aspects of food photography. I also loved the creative process videos where I got to see how they set up their shots, how they approach lighting and how they actually shoot. Even though they have fantastic talent and skills in food photography, both Eva and Bea came across as humble and passionate. This is without question the workshop you’ll need on the art and business of food photography!” "

This All Sounds Great, But What About the Cost?

We know that one of the biggest reasons that held folks back from joining in-person workshops in the past was the price point. Between airfare, the workshop registration fee, and on-the-ground transportation, it definitely adds up!

And when I (Eva, here!) opened up enrollment for my online photography course this year, I got messages from many of you who wanted *so* badly to join, but just couldn’t swing it financially. Let’s be honest—things are hard right now. And affordability was another big part of the thought process behind creating this workshop.

We wanted to make something that offered the experience and behind-the-scenes knowledge of an in-person workshop, but at a price that was more within reach, even compared to the existing online courses out there.

We know things are tight, and with that in mind, we decided to price our virtual workshop at less than half of the cost of a traditional online food photography course, and one-thirteenth of the cost of a traditional multi-day photography retreat.

And to make things even easier for you, we also set up a 4-month payment option that splits the registration fee up over a 4-month period.

We want this to be affordable to you. We want you to be able to dive in right away, soak up all the behind-the-scenes creative process goodness, make friends, be a part of the creative community, and learn as much as you possibly can!


Let's Talk About Your Bonuses!

Editing Action-Based Images in Lightroom | A Video Tutorial with Eva

Capturing a moving subject is one of the hardest aspects of food photography, and it doesn't come without it's challenges in the editing room, either! In this set of two video tutorials, I walk you through my editing process for emphasizing action, fixing common issues with motion-based captures, and breathing life into the frame. These editing videos take place in Adobe Lightroom Classic.

Resources Guide

Another one of the best parts of attending workshops is getting to nerd out and talk shop about all our favorite prop sources, camera gear, lighting equipment, ceramics, and the like. To make it easy for you to find and access our favorite sources + gear, we’ve listed it all out + linked to it in our handy little resource guide!

Exclusive Access to our Workshop Facebook Group

Think of this is our permanent gathering space outside of our Zoom calls. This is where we can share images for voluntary group feedback, get to know each other, and continue to grow the relationships and knowledge that we're cultivating in our Zoom round table discussions. And because we believe in the power of sharing + community, we’ve created a document within the Facebook group so you can share your favorite gear + prop sources with each other, too!




I participated in your + Bea's 2021 or 2020 Virtual Workshop, is this the same one?

Yes! This is the same Virtual Workshop content, with new live round table discussions. You are grandfathered into this round of zoom discussions (woohoo!) This is the same content you already have access to, so do not sign up again :)

Eva, I’m a member of your Photography + Styling + Branding Course, is this going to be the same content as your course?

Nope! This is brand-new content, created specifically for the workshop experience + deeper insight into the creative process. My behind-the-scenes outdoor shoot has the camera rolling non-stop while I take you through my lighting, styling, and shooting process for photographing in outdoor environments. You’ll see the nitty-gritty non-glamourous (*cough*, compost bin, *cough*) action and effort that goes into creating the polished image you see at the end, plus I take you through some of my most difficult motion-based photos and how I overcame all the things that went wrong, and I share the shooting settings for every photo example I share throughout every course video.

Plus, you'll get to watch and learn from Bea Lubas' entire styling, shooting, and editing process, too! This virtual workshop was created to give you the same experience and knowledge gained from an in-person food photography workshop, from talking about shoots that go wrong and how to overcome them, to the round table chats where you get to share your experiences, and connect with like-minded creatives. And if there's one thing I've observed from collaborative shoots, it's that every photographer has their own unique creative process, and you can learn SO much by seeing and hearing about the different ways that talented creatives get to their "aha!" moments.

There may be a bit of overlap in some of the advice (i.e. soft diffused lighting), but the video and text content is completely unique and was created to give you a better look at my and Bea’s creative process, while guiding you through applying them to your own, and creating a community-based workshop experience.


How long do I have access to the workshop?

Access to the workshop NEVER expires. As long as the internet exists, you’ll always have access to it ;)

Is there a set structure for the workshop videos?

Nope, the workshop is totally flexible! You can hop around to the different videos if you'd like, or you can go through them in the order they're listed within the virtual workshop. There's no set deadline on watching all the videos, either. Go at the pace that works best for you to retain what you're watching and learning.

I’m new to my camera, will this be helpful for me or is it just for experienced photographers?

This workshop doesn't explain entry-level camera settings, it operates on the assumption that you know how to do basic adjustments like changing your aperture, shutterspeed, and ISO. You can definitely still learn a LOT from watching our shooting, styling, and editing process, but if you're looking for a more structured learning environment that starts with the basics and grows from there, my signature Photography + Styling + Branding Course (opening again in 2022) might be a better fit for you.

Do I need a camera to take this course?

No, you can take this course with an iPhone if you'd like. Granted, both Bea and I shoot using DSLR cameras and that's what we focus on, but you can still put to use the styling and creative process techniques without one. A DSLR or mirrorless camera will give you the most control over the final image and have the highest image quality, though, so investing in one is definitely a good idea if this is something you want to seriously pursue.

What equipment do you recommend?

All the equipment we recommend for the course is linked to in our Resources Guide within the workshop. It's full of our favorite gear + prop sources, with hyperlinks, so you don't have to worry about googling anything or accidentally ordering the wrong thing :)

Can I download the video tutorials?

Yes! All the videos are available for streaming immediately, and they can be downloaded starting 30 days after the course begins. All course documents are available for immediate downloading, too!

Do I need any computer programs?

If you want to learn to edit in Adobe Lightroom, you will need to download the program. We use Adobe Lightroom Classic for our editing demonstration videos. You will also need to download the Zoom application (it's free) to participate in the round table discussions.

14-Day Risk-Free Guarantee

When you join, you'll be a part of a community of passionate and and warm creatives who are just as committed to and excited about growing their skillset as you are.

Immediately upon signing up, you'll have access to all of the course materials and the bonuses, and by the end of the 14 days, you'll have made it through one or several of the weekly round table discussions. This means you'll be able to go through as much of the workshop as you'd like *before* making a final commitment. If you don't feel like you're improving in your photography and styling abilities, just reach out, show us you've done the work, and we’ll gladly give you a refund. [Full details here]

And don't forget about your Pay-In-Full Bonus!

When you pay-in-full, you'll also get access to 10 exclusive presets custom-made by Bea and Eva! This is the first time Bea is releasing her favourite colour-inspired presets, so this is a *very* special resource to help you kick start your creative editing process!





"Being part of your workshop was a highlight for me of the very strange year that was 2020! Thank you for the opportunity to connect with yourselves as well as the community you've created as a result. I wasn't able to join the live discussions but I followed the recordings with great anticipation & I was not disappointed. Your workshop offered so much more than just how to style & photograph food; it was filled with a wealth of information. Thank you for your generosity in sharing your craft. What a great gift to know your thoughts, processes, challenges & respective journeys. I really enjoyed being "on set" with each of you & I look forward to someday joining one of your workshops in person. Thank you! "


Still have a question after reading through our FAQ?

Send us an email at info(at)evakosmasflores(dot)com


Bea Lubas

Hi 🖐🏼 I'm Bea! I grew up in a picturesque little town in the south-west of Poland. At the age of 20, I left a job in a local bakery, packed my suitcase and bought a one-way ticket to England. It was the most crazy decision I have ever made in my life.

Why did I move? I felt lost. I didn't really know what to do with myself and I hoped that this new adventure would help me find my direction in life. Nothing, as you probably guessed, happened overnight, but one day something nudged me to buy a camera....and that was a turning point.

Today, I create food stories for brands and magazines from all over the world and I still pinch myself that telling visual stories about delicious ingredients and recipes is what I do for a living. I could photograph and talk about food photography all day....EVERYDAY (which my husband Darek and pup Daisy can both affirm as they patiently listen to my daily creative discoveries 🙃).

Evoking emotions and telling my subject's story through thoughtful colours choices as well as focusing on creating and capturing 'eye catchers' (these gorgeous highlights that make our images magically alive ) are things that excite me the most in photography. I like to study my subject carefully, then try to capture what's so special about it, always having my viewers in mind and building a richer visual experience for them.

When I don't photograph I share my passion with other photographers in this warm and beautiful community through online tutorials, or in person workshops.

And.....after over 14 months of working on my book, How to Photograph Food has recently been published in the UK, US and there is beautiful French copy too (still feels surreal to me when I write it!)

Eva Kosmas Flores

Hey there! I’m Eva, and I learned photography on a film camera dark room-style when I was 15 (which was a loooong time ago). After college, I started shooting digital and fell completely in love with the capabilities of DSLR cameras. I have a Saveur-nominated food blog, Adventures in Cooking, and have written (and shot) two cookbooks, Adventures in Chicken and First We Eat, which was nominated by IACP for best cookbook of 2019. And I've also photographed two cookbooks for other authors.

I’ve shot for clients as big as 7-Up, and as small as local restaurants. I’ve done takeovers on the @Instagram main feed, my work’s been featured in dozens of magazines + publications, and I work full-time doing what I love—photography and teaching.

I've taught thousands of students, both online and in-person, and hosted hundreds of hours of photography + styling workshops all over the world. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a familiar face as students from my entry-level workshops regularly come back for my advanced level ones. What I teach and how I teach truly resonates with my students.

And it's because I know that learning isn't a one-sided operation. We're doing this together. No struggling alone, no questions with no one to answer them, no frustrations about what to do next. I’m here to lend a helping hand, and guide you through the process of taking that beautiful thing inside you and transforming it into something palpable for the whole world to see.





"I really am thankful for having the chance to be in this workshop. In a time that is difficult to have contact with people, it was very easy to feel like we were all there in the same room. I really loved feeling so inspired and welcomed. I love that, thanks to you and Bea, a community of creative people were engaged to support each other, and that I was able to "meet" these lovely people. Plus there was so much great information that you both shared that I’m still processing. Hope to see you in person someday!"





"Eva and Bea came up with a great solution to this unfortunate pandemic. They created a Virtual workshop loaded with valuable information on photography, styling, composition, challenging shoot solutions and the list goes on! Their separate videos on their creative shooting process from beginning to end was so eye opening and inspiring to watch. They also hosted a Zoom Round Table on different food photography subjects over several weeks. You could ask them anything and it was so great to meet them and other creatives from all over the World! Thank you Eva and Bea for such a wonderful and inspiring experience! I will be sure to recommend this fun, wonderful and valuable workshop to anyone looking to hone in on their photography and styling skills! "



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